I begin, of course, by wishing you all a very merry Christmas. It's Christmas Eve, you probably would like to know something about me, so here goes.

I've been on the internet since about 1994, in one way or another; I started out as many did, with America OnLine. I wanted my screen-name to be Cyrano, but that wasn't available, so I went with St. Enoch, or simply stenoch. I know what you're thinking, but actually, I took the name from a railway station in Glasgow, Scotland. (That's mostly a joke. Saint Enoch has long been a favorite Old Testament character)

Over the years, passing from one internet service provider to another, I was various forms of either Cyrano or StEnoch, until now, as my internet presence has taken a rather spiritual turn, it seems that St Enoch is going to be the name under which I will operate.

My activity here on the blog page, St Enoch's Pulpit, is going to be primarily teaching. I teach and preach from time to time, and I write, mainly on Biblical subjects, so this isn't really a stretch for me. However, since I am not very regular in my habits, don't expect this to be a daily, or even weekly column. From time to time, I will come across a subject that I feel needs to be talked about, and I will talk about it. I may even start a series, if the subject matter warrents it, but expect gaps and delays in the output.

there. Now that we understand each other, here are some things you need to know: I've written two books; the first, The Serpent's Tale, is available at this point only as an e-book; that is, a PDF file. Go to the Media page on this site, and you can download it directly and read it at your leisure. It's free for now; soon, however, I hope to add some other writings to it and re-release it through Amazon's CreateSpace as a physical book, and then you'll have to pay.

The newest book is A Prophet In Sychar and other stories, and it will be coming out very shortly, by the end of the year I hope, through CreateSpace. There is a link on the Home page to the E-store where the book will be available when it goes live; you can check out the site now, and when all is ready, you can order it from there.

That's all I have for now. Stay tuned. The next post will be worth the wait.

Cheers, Dave
aka St Enoch



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