News Flash -- The Book Is Out!

Here's how it went down: Over the course of several years, I've been writing little articles and stories, mostly on Biblical subjects, and for quite a while I didn't know what to do with them. Along comes the information superhighway (Thanx, Al), and suddenly words like Blog, and Social Network, start to filter into the language. Now I'm a reasonably intelligent guy, apart from the spelling and grammar and the fact that I'm dumber than a bag of hammers (and wouldn't Bagg O'Hammers be a great name for a private eye?), so I recognized the potential of the internet for some real productivity for the Kingdom of God. I mean, I'm no evangelist; I'm a teacher and a writer, but the end result is the same: reproducing after our kind. The winning of souls is the object of all ministry, period. So I got onto MySpace, and began posting my little scribbles in the Blog section of my MySpace space. Pretty soon, at the urging of my good friend and hands-lifter-upper Alistair, I began submitting my stuff to (I've mentioned them in a previous post). So now I have a growing body of work that is getting some exposure, but I feel like there is a lot of potential going wanting; eventually I'm going to want to do something major, like a book. What am I going to do then?

Enter Amazon, and their self-publishing subdivision, CreateSpace. Alistair pointed me in their direction, and just to see how the process works, to see if I could actually produce real book, I pulled some articles together and started through the process of publishing it via CreateSpace. The result is a 50-page book called A Prophet In Sychar and other stories. Now, let me stress that the content of the book was already written, barring a bit of tweaking here and there, and it did take a little time and effort to figure out how to make my word processor format the pages the way I wanted them. Apart from that, I began submitting files to CreateSpace on December 11, '09. I made a revision or two to the internal content file, created and tweaked the cover art, and here we are on January 2, '10, with a real live book for sale over the internet! Ain't that a kick in the head?

So now the word is going out over every avenue I can think of: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, this Blog, and email: Buy This Book! Go to the CreateSpace site (see link below) and order copies for several hundred of your nearest and dearest. If you really loved me, you'd take out ads in your local papers and magazines, rent billboard space, and really push this thing. And I won't forget you little people when I get filthy stinking rich; I'll still be the humble, loveable bag of hammers I am today.

Cheers, and God Bless
aka Bagg O'Hammers (I'm adopting it as my new persona.)

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