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Hi, folks:
Just a short note today; possibly a longer post later on. In fact, it's a better-than-even chance that I'll be pontificating about the end of the year, so stay tuned.

The reason for this post is that I wanted you to be aware of the fact that I'm aware of the spelling, grammar, and typing errors in these posts. I'm a self-taught typist; I took typing in high school, but I typed about 35 words per minute at the beginning of the class, and had not improved one iota by the end of the class.

I turned in a paper in college once, and got dinged by the instructor for typing "teh" instead of "the." I complained that it wasn't really a spelling error, but a typing error. No, I was told, it was a proof-reading error; it should have been caught and fixed before I turned in the paper. And that was that.

So, I plead guilty to bad spelling, bad grammar, and poor typing, but the real problem is that I'm lazy about proof-reading. Now, having got that off my chest, go forth and enjoy the rest of the year, and have a very happy and prosperous, in every sense, New Year!

Much love and blessings,

PS: It occurred to me just this week that my long-time Old Testament hero, St Enoch, has the distinction of being the very first writer in the Bible. Words that Enoch wrote way back, possibly while Adam and Eve were still alive, were quoted in the New Testament by Jude, believed by many to be Jesus' half-brother. Cool, huh?
Cheers, D.

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