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Hello again, Gang!

The following is a comment I left on Brendon Burchard's blog page, in response to a request that his readers share with him, and each other, what we think the meaning of life is. I wrote this answer, and was so impressed with myself that I copied it to share with you. At the end, I will put a link to Brendon's blog. He's one I think you should get acquainted with. He has much to say that we all could learn from. Dave

Brendon, you asked us to comment on the meaning of life. I could direct you to buy my 6-vol treatise on the meaning of life, except I haven't written it yet. In the meantime, here's a piece of it:

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Of course, that is only helpful if you know what "love" means. My personal definition, cobbled together after decades of listening to preachers and teachers around the country, is this: Love is an attitude (not an emotion!) of willingness to give of yourself and your resources to meet the needs of another. Boil all that down to a two word definition: "Love" means meeting needs.

I could leave it at that, but I'm not going to. I don't know if you read this stuff yourself or if you have an assistant who weeds out the crazies, in which case maybe your assistant will see some of the following before it hits the shredder, but as long as I'm deluding myself that I have Brendon Burchard's attention, I can't waste such an opportunity as this.

If I were sick, I'd appreciate someone offering to drive me to the doctor's office, or pick up my medicine at the drugstore, or pick up dinner for the kids while I took a nap. But right now, I'm not sick. But someone around me is sick, or hungry, or lonely. Loving my neighbor is as simple as reaching out to do for them what I'd like them to do for me if I were in their shoes. I can't change the world, but I can help the next guy out.

"What if you don't love yourself?" There have been times in my life, lots of time, in fact, when I thought, and said, that I hated myself. Of course, I didn't really hate myself. I may have hated my job, or my boss, or my wife (previous wife; I love!!! my current wife). In fact, what I hated were the bad decisions I had made that brought me to such a lousey place in life. I didn't atually hate myself. I wasn't standing in the rain trying to die of pneumonia! I was actually trying to take care of myself. I ate food that I liked, slept in a warm bed, watched really enjoyable TV shows (hours on end!). So my advice for those who "don't love themselves?" Think about this: If you're cold, do you put on a sweater? Then find somebody who's cold, and give them a sweater. It's that simple.

We are put on this earth to be God's family; that relationship was interfered with, and now God is on a search-and-rescue mission. Each of us who return to the family are commissioned to go out and rescue somebody else. "Love your neighbor as yourself" is the battle cry of the rescue mission.

Sorry, but it's your own fault; you hadda ask!

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