Year-End Update - Dave's Place
I don't usually do "Christmas Letters," or things of that nature, but this year is, and has been, quite different from other years. This coming year will be different still, Please God.

A few years ago, I opened a page on MySpace, more or less as an experiment. It occurred to me that as a teacher and writer, the Internet is an ideal place to put things like my scribblings, where they could be seen and appreciated (I'm an optimist) around the world. In other words, shouldn't I be using this powerful tool, the Information Highway, to spread the Gospel? I had, at the time a small number of articles that I had written in the past and had no idea what to do with them, so I used MySpace's blog feature to post these articles. Then I announced to the world, both my 'friends', that my articles were being posted globally.

Of course, I ended up with a small number of friends, and eventually one of them suggested that I should put some of my more profound (he's also an optimist) articles on a site called "" (I'm putting a list of the links mentioned here at the bottom of this post, if you're interested.) I actually got some notice from the denizens of Ezinearticles-world; that is, I could check out how many times an article got read, and one of them stayed in the Top-30 list for weeks. I felt like a celebrity.

I was still convinced that I could use the Internet as a tool for the Kingdom, so at the urging of some other friends, I opened a Facebook page. I will be honest here: I never really "got" Facebook. If you know me personally, you may have noticed that I'm not really a "social network" type of guy; I don't "chat" or "text" or even "answer the phone" unless it's absolutely necessary. (Or speak or wave or acknowledge your existence, but I digress.)

The long and short is, I have the tools, but not the skills. The Myspace page is OK, and I still post articles to the blog there; anything of real importance goes to Ezinearticles, and I have absolutely no idea why I'm still on Facebook. And yet I keep getting "friend requests" from Facebook. My audience is growing, but I don't have an act.

Enter Twitter! Yet another tool that looked like it should be a real world-beater. I Tweeted my brains out for about a week, and then the well ran dry. However, I did manage to link Twitter with both the Facebook and MySpace pages, so I'm announcing the opening of this blog, St Enoch's Pulpit, via Twitter, so all my combined friends or fans or whatever you're called, will get the message at once.

I said blog; perhaps I should have said therapy session. I tend to do this sort of thing in the dead of night, when my little gray cells are most active, and since I'm really convinced that there's no one out there (optimist or not, you have to go with the evidence, according to CSI.), I tend to say whatever comes to mind. Speaking of which, this post has gone on for a while, and I'm not done yet. I shall quit here, and tomorrow, or the next day, I'll tell you how this site on Weebly, and this Blog, came to be and what I have in mind for them both.

The links are below. It's going on 5am; go to bed!

Love and blessings,

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