Welcome to Dave's Place

If you're new here, you are welcome. I'm new here too.

This site is primarily set up to promote things like my writings and videos, and particularly, my new book, A Prophet In Sychar and other stories, which is now available through Amazon and CreateSpace. Use the following link to see the CreateSpace page where the book can be ordered. Here's the link:

Soon, I hope to re-edit my first book, The Serpent's Tale, add to it some other writings, and issue it as a new book through CreateSpace. For now, you may visit the media page through the link on the left, and view or download  the e-book version as a PDF file.

Incidentally, if you or someone you know is a writer, CreateSpace is one option for self-publishing your manuscript with virtually no outlay of cash. 

You may use the following links to contact me, or just find out more about me:

David L Henderson
www.myspace.com/stenoch  (Pron. Saint Enoch)