Hi gang -- Great to be with you again. Just a short note this time to tout a video I just watched last night. You may have heard of Frank Kern -- he's one of a small number of Internet Marketers that has become, in the last few years, known as a "Guru," meaning he has been so successful in business that others want to know how he did it and how they can duplicate his success. He has a blog with a number of free videos that give away a lot of his secrets, and of course he has launched a number of training products that people pay HUGELY for, but here is a link to a 2 hour video where he lays it on the line. It was difficult for me to find, and you do have to log in to see the video, but the info on this video is absolutely vital! I can't stress enough the value you will get out of this thing. Be warned, however, that Frank is not a Christian, and the event at which he is speaking is a secular seminar for marketers and business people, and the language used is coarse in places. Anybody who is at all involved in a people-to-people business, not only sales and marketing, but evangelism, teaching/preaching, even personal relationships, will benefit greatly from the info on this video. Watch it through to the end, and be prepared to take notes and probably watch again. This thing is worth it.

Here's the link:


When you've seen the video, please leave a comment here or by email to let me know who you are and what you thought of it.

Cheers, and God bless.

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